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The Importance of Lead Time Reduction on the Apparel Cutting Floor

June 07, 2018 Ishanraj Shrivastava
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“Time is what we want most, but what we use worst.” -Willam Penn

In apparel manufacturing facilities, the general field of improvement for better efficiency and optimization of cutting floor is better utilization of fabric- the major cost of manufacturing.

But the fact is that it is only one side of the coin. The other side is “Time.”

Manufacturers generally tend to forget this fact, but time plays an equally important role in transforming their cutting floor into fully efficient, top of the line world class unit.

If an organization really needs their cutting floor to be world class and extract best results out of it, they should put in place a system or practice which not only helps them to gain savings in terms of fabric, reduce their wastages, improve their fabric utilization, keep track of their fabric at each and every stage, maintain a real-time data of their cutting floor: all in minimum amount of time.

Why is this “Time” factor so important?

The answer to this question lies in the current buying trend of brands and retailers throughout the globe.

After a thorough research on the buying trend, we found out a shocking but completely true paradigm shift across every known brand and…

This graph shows that from the past 4 years, the number of styles done by each brand has drastically increased. But, the overall quantity has seen minor rise and this number will only grow in coming years.

The reason for this change in the buying trend is because of the word “FAST FASHION”

Consumers now want something new every time they visit a store and if they do not get what they came for they move to the other brand which is full of new styles and silhouettes.

To maintain brand loyalty and attract new faces, each brand is now working on a very aggressive design-oriented structure which forces them to launch a new line in every 2-3 months and thus they have reduced their quantities and increased their number of styles

The apparel factories have come to a situation where they will be handling twice the number of styles and this scenario is very scary for all the manufacturers because they must now plan twice the number of styles in the same amount of time.

It is not humanly possible to handle twice the workload in the same period without making errors in planning and once the cutting floor starts messing things up the whole factory goes up for a toss.

The loss will be at multiple levels right from raw material to quality and credibility of the apparel factories.

This is a very crucial problem to which most of the manufacturers remain obliviated and do not understand this until it happens in their factory.

It is always better to be prepared for future and embrace new technology which can help in boosting profits directly.

Now the next question is: How can we improve our cutting room planning?

Here is when ThreadSol solutions come into the picture with best in class software designed for the cutting floors.

intelloCut software for the cutting floor helps to:

  • generate automatic cutplan derived through Artificial Intelligence 
  • plan orders in the most efficient and optimized manner
  • segregate and reduce fabric wastage
  • provides fabric tracking throughout cutting floor
  • provides real-time fabric utilization on floor
  • provides reports and detailed analysis of each order w.r.t to brands, seasons, fabric quality
  • does all the above-mentioned tasks and much more in a matter of minutes where some normal human takes days to do the above activities with chances of errors.

To make my point more solid, below is the list of basic operations performed in a factory’s cutting floor.

We have done a time study with almost 120 factories who are already using IntelloCut for these basic activities performed on the cutting floor.

We have mapped the time taken by a human being and time taken by IntelloCut for the same below:


If the above-mentioned number seems too dreamy, then please contact us at  or call us (+91)987-379-9244. We will be happy to answer all your queries and provide you a detailed demo of our software.

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