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Why is a Cut Order Plan needed in the Apparel Industry?

August 10, 2018 Nancy Tatwani
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As we know, there are various raw materials required to produce a garment. But fabric is the most important raw material and forms 70%-80% of the total production cost. Since controlling the apparel source price is not something under the control of manufacturers, therefore, fabric wastage management needs to be done smartly by the factory managers to gain a competitive edge and to increase their profits. during production which would eventually help in cost management and end bit planning of fabricAnd when we talk of fabric waste management, a close attention should be garnered to increasing the profitability of a factory.

Cut Order Plan is one of the tools which, if used properly, can result in major cost saving in addition to an efficient resource planning.

What exactly is a Cutplan?

“A rational segregation of an order quantity into individual lays (fabric spreads) such that the total desired number of garment pieces can be cut with minimum time and effort in a real environment is called a fabric Cut Plan or Cut order plan”.

Let us take an example to understand this in an efficient manner.

Let’s say we need to cut an order of a black T-shirt with below order quantity:


Now, there can be numerous possible ways to cut the above order quantity. But let us consider two probable cases of fabric planning of the above order.


Case - 2

As we can see from the two cases, the total usage of fabric will differ with respect to numerous cutplan solutions. This is how a cutplan helps in apparel sourcing cost control.

Moreover, a good cut plan can be used to reduce the overall cost by not just minimising the fabric cost, but also the marker making cost, spreading, and cutting cost by following various parameters like:

  1.  using ideal no. of plies,

  2. making maximum longer markers to utilize table length efficiently,

  3. incorporating shorter markers also in the cut plan to utilize end bits,

  4. less no. of bodies cut.

becomes all the more important for multiple Cut Order PlanningAlbeit, depending upon the on-floor situation the planner needs to do a trade-off between reducing the fabric cost and other cutting costs. color orders, multiple part orders or the combination of the two.

Now, the catch is that there can be hundreds of combinations in a fabric cut plan. Therefore, making a good plan can be quite a task by considering the amount of time and efforts it will take in analyzing all the permutations and combinations of Cutplan Solutions.

This is where intelloCut comes into the picture.

Intellocut is a fabric planning automation is a solution that helps the garment manufacturers boost their top line by cutting extra pieces of garments. 

With the help of its advanced algorithms, IntelloCut gives optimal Cut plan in just one click, thereby saving a lot of time and effort and efficiently automating the whole process.

The best part is that this fabric saving software is accessible from everywhere because of its cloud computing structure.

Here, it is equally important to understand that no Cutplan is a perfect Cutplan because of the possibility of on-floor variations. But Intellocut, with its big data analytics, can provide an optimal cutplan to manufacturers to help them optimize their fabric consumption in an efficient manner, time as well as the effort.

As we know, with the advent of boom in ready-made garment trade, the garment factories have grown at a fast pace. Intellocut, a fabric planning automation software, will give that edge to the garment manufacturers over their competitors by providing numerous beneficial features that will aid the cutting floor. Therefore, this product meets the dire need of practical software in the garment industry that can optimize the usage of fabric leading to increased profitability.

Click here to check out more on how intelloCut works and how it is capable of boosting factory profits and reducing manual effort.



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