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Cisma rsvp

The global apparel industry is getting more competitive every day. Increasing wages, reduced retail costs and shorter, more frequent seasons.

With styles changing rapidly and vendors making smaller orders, there is a persistent need of intelligent solutions that enhance productivity, reduce cost and increase speed to market.

Coats digital will be exhibiting innovative, deep functionality solutions for the apparel industry. The solutions displayed will range from product development to manufacturing

It would be our pleasure to have you at the booth to give you more insight about the solutions. Schedule a meeting to book your slot.

Join us at:

25th – 28th September 2019

Hall E2, Booth #A01,
Shanghai New Int’l Expo Centre,
Shanghai, China

全球服装行业的竞争正在变得日益激烈. 不断增加的工资,缩减的零售成本以及更短,更频繁的季节开发.


Coats digital 将为服装行业展示创新的,深层次的功能解决方案. 展示的解决方案范围从产品开发到制造.

我们将很荣幸你能够在我们的展位,让你对我们的解决方案有更深入的了解. 安排一次会面来预订你的位置.


2019925 日到 28


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