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We have listed the most frequently asked questions related to our product to help you get clarity.

If you have more queries, feel free to contact us.

A: No. Cad makes markers. intelloCut is a fabric utilization software helping manufacturers to cut and ship extra garments. intelloCut controls the entire on-floor execution of fabric and ensures that you are able to cut more from the same amount of fabric.

Here is a graphical representation of how intelloCut is different from CAD:

CAD vs IntelloCUt

A. Cutplan is a part of intelloCut’s algorithm where it provides Artificial Intelligence-based cutplan which can be automatically sent to any CAD software.

Cutplan vs IntelloCut

A: Well, we work with Cut-Make manufacturers as well and we have been able to help them cut up to 3% more garments with the same available fabric. You can ship these extra garments to get more revenue.

A: We work with a lot of vertically integrated factories like Epyllion, Saiham Knits etc. where we have helped them cut extra pieces through our software, intelloCut, and sell it to the buyers for more revenue. Apart from that, fabric wastage control is another important aspect we help the factories with.

A: IntelloCut works on your cutting floor and handles your entire fabric planning and execution using its Artificial Intelligence tech. This ensures that you are able to cut more and ship more with the same fabric. Here is a graphical representation of how intelloCut works

IntelloCUt Process Flow

A: IntelloBuy is based on AI and Big Data Tech. It works on your merchandising side and helps you buy right amount of fabric. It has a database of over 7 million marker ratios and uses Big Data to get the lowest consumptions possible. With all the manufacturers we have worked, we have been able to reduce their fabric expenses by 3-5%. Here is a graphical representation of how intelloBuy works

IntelloCUt Process Flow

A: Your team just needs to follow the existing cutting process of the factory with the addition of digitization for data entry. The rest will be handled by our software.

A. We provide 24x7 support for 100% uptime.

A: We currently provide on-floor training of our solutions.

For intelloCut Enterprise version: 2 week training

For intelloBuy: 1 week training

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