Buy accurate amount of fabric for your order

* Completely Automate fabric buying * Reduce Fabric Expense by 1%
* Reduce buying lead time by 80%


Boost in bottomline
by reducing fabric expenses by 1%

IntelloBuy Process Flow

Input thousands of order details in a single click
Generate production grade marker plans in one shot
Estimate fabric width / shrinkage before the fabric arrives
Achieve accurate fabric consumption for booking
Add correct wastage percentage for every order from cutting floor data
Queue markers to your existing CAD system automatically

Intellobuy Features

Run Unlimited Cut-plans

Run unlimited number of cutplans from a consolidated excel sheet (buying sheet) in one click!

CAD integration

Integrates with any and every CAD system. Communicates with your CAD system and makes markers automatically.

Exact Factory Wastage

Add exact wastage percentage to your buying consumption from downstream factories processes and fabric damages.

Marker Database Creation

Marker database created in each run hence further reducing turnaround time in cases of style/model repeat.

Predict Incoming Fabric

Predict the width and shrinkage of the fabric before it comes in house to estimate buying consumptions by tracking the past records of the vendor.

Accurate Reporting

Generate accurate reports and metrics for fabric yield/consumption for your costing and buying purposes.

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