Cut extra garments from the available fabric

* Automatic 100% execution control * Cut 1% extra with the available fabric
* Reduce Planning time by 80%


Boost in topline
by cutting 1% extra garments from the available fabric

IntelloCut Process Flow

Upload style and
order details
Get Artificial Intelligence based cutplan
Send laying information to the laying tables on a tablet application
Use all the endbits, Tracks factory compliance
Automatic re-plan suggestion when number of endbit > planned
Enter the endbit information in the tablet application

IntelloCut Features

Real-Time Reporting

Estimate your fabric requirements accurately. Buy exactly what you need. No more. No less. Least wastage.


Generate the most suitable and optimized cutplan from millions of possible combinations. In just one click!

Quality Control

Group similar width, shade and shrinkage in order to ensure high standards of quality and increased profitability.

Roll plan

Allocate fabric rolls in a single click. Analyze, create and re-adjust to ensure minimum endbits and wastages.

End-bit Management

Plan fabric till the last end bit easily yet effectively with just a single click of a button.

Feedback Mechanism

Master complete control over your factory's practices by getting real time status and complete tracking.

A tablet application which replaces on-floor printed layslips
Real-time feedback
Automatic plan update
Paperless factory

ic image

A mobile application for all reporting
Business intelligence at your fingertips
Real-time reporting
Overview of business.

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