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Introducing intello3C - Coats Digital

September 17, 2019

A scientific cost benchmarking and negotiation platform for fact-based optimised and sustainable costing. Intello3C supports brands, retailers, and sourcing companies in working quickly and efficiently with their supply chain partners to scientifically optimise and benchmark garment costs, for complete cost control. Intello3c harnesses the power of Big Data, Agile Analytics, and Artificial Intelligence to transform and track the entire RFQ, costing, and benchmarking processes through to the issue of PO. It replaces manual processes and disconnected systems, with an integrated, intelligent and scientific solution, delivering fast, optimised and sustainable costs. Intello3C’s scientific approach to benchmark granular costs eliminates expensive negotiation cycles while the AI-based negotiation completely automates the process between brands and manufacturers. Intello3C puts an end to torturous email trails and excel-based iterations of costing.